Home Kill Butcher Services

Home Kill Butcher Services2024-04-17T16:26:42+12:00

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Home Kill butcher Services

At The Local Farmer, our Home kill Butcher service offers the complete package from slaughtering to processing and packaging your meat. We understand the importance of minimising stress for the animals, so we come to your premises and leave as little mess as possible.

Our commitment to top-quality processing and packaging ensures that you receive maximum value from your animal, with the cuts you requested. Whether it’s beef, lamb, venison, or pork, our Home kill butcher service is designed to meet your specific needs.

Contact us today to book in your Home kill butcher service and experience the convenience of having your meat prepared exactly the way you want it.

Wild Game Processing

7 Day drop off available by arrangement



What is Home Kill service?2023-09-28T03:28:30+13:00

Homekill is a personalised butchery service where we come to your location to process your animal according to your specifications.

How can I order a Home Kill service?2023-09-28T03:29:11+13:00

Contact us to schedule a Homekill service. We’ll guide you through the process and set up a convenient appointment.

How do I fill out the cut sheets for my animal?2023-09-28T03:31:02+13:00

We provide easy-to-follow cut sheets that help you specify your preferred cuts and processing instructions. You can download the cut sheet, fill it out and scan and upload it on our website or use the Digital cut sheet form. Our team will assist you in completing them.

How long does the Home Kill processing take?2023-09-28T03:31:30+13:00

Processing times may vary depending on the animal and your specific requests. Our team will provide an estimated timeframe when you book your service.

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