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Our Farming Story

At The Local Farmer Butchery, we are not just butchers but also dedicated farmers. Learn how we nurture our animals with care and expertly craft the cuts you desire. Our commitment to excellence results in top-quality meat products for your table.

Over 2 years of discussions and meetings, covid lockdowns and delays, we finally managed to open the doors of The Local Farmer at 69 Kahikatea Flat Road, at the end of May 2022.

We are an MPI approved Homekill & Wildgame Processing Facility as well as being a Wholesale Butchery.

The whole concept of The Local Farmer was the result of a few beers around the table between friends, 2 Farmers and a Butcher.

Josh, the Butcher, has 17 years of experience in the industry. He moved to the coast about 6 years ago and has been living on a sheep and beef farm in Glorit for the last 2 years with his 2 children.

Dave, the Sheep & Beef Farmer, has lived in Dairy Flat most of his life. Starting out on a Dairy Farm at 18, rearing a few calves on the side, as well as building up a Fencing and Agricultural business. At the same time he met his wife, Candace. 28 years later, they focus mainly on farming sheep and beef. They have 2 sons who have followed in Dave’s footsteps with a keen interest in farming and hunting, as well as Candace’s genuine love for animals.

Tony Woodcock, the deer farmer has lived in Makarau on the family farm all his life. The farm has been in the family for around 115 years, predominately farmed as dairy and sheep for most of that time.
10 years ago Tony and his wife, Tracey took over the farm and decided to convert it into a deer farm. They have two children who attend Mahurangi College. Tony is an ex All Black, who played professional rugby for 14 years and is also a keen hunter.

Animal welfare has always been at the forefront of our minds and is very important to us. We want our animals to have a good life on our farms, we then treat the meat with the respect it deserves whilst being processed on-site in our purpose built facility which results in products of the highest quality that our customers can enjoy. We are proud to be farming locally and processing our own animals making them available direct to our local community. Farm to table excellence at its best!

Alongside an extensive selection of cuts, sausages, salamis, preservative free and gluten free options etc including a range of very popular pet food, we are able to offer pre-orders of sheep and beef, processed the same way we do for our homekill, exactly as our customer requires. We also buy in a range of NZ pork and free range chicken for our customer’s convenience.

We stock free range mixed grade eggs supplied to us from a 400 acre farm in Northland, as well as a selection of our favourite NZ made rubs and sauces.

If you have your own animals and require homekill services….come and see us.

If you love the concept of knowing where your meat comes from, that the animals have had a good life and you appreciate a top quality product….come and see us.

If you’re a hunter and you need your wild game processed into delicious steaks, sausages, patties, salamis etc….come and see us.

farmers & butchers

At The Local Farmer, we pride ourselves on being both farmers and butchers, ensuring that you receive the highest quality meat from our own carefully raised and processed sheep, beef, and venison.

Our commitment to excellence translates into top-quality products. Expect tender, succulent, and flavourful meat that is sure to impress your taste buds and elevate your culinary experiences. We prioritise quality at every stage to bring you the very best.

From Farm to Table

By sourcing meat directly from our own farms, we guarantee freshness, traceability, and the finest cuts for your table. We oversee every step, from nurturing our animals with utmost care to expertly crafting the cuts you desire.
As farmers and butchers, we offer you the convenience of purchasing directly from us. No middlemen or lengthy supply chains. You’ll experience transparency, friendly service, and the opportunity to learn more about the origin and preparation of your meat.

Our beef, sheep & venison are raised and cared for by us.